Jeffry Oonk

The Netherlands

Home Town:
Rhenen, close to some of the most extensive forests in the Lowlands.

Main Sport:
Trail running

Other hobbies/Interests:
More trail running, mountain biking, dogsledding and mountain trekking.

Jef has a master’s degree in Biology with a specialization in animal behavior and ecology. He is an International Mountain Leader, a Certified Wilderness Guide and a Wilderness First Responder. Jef is passionate about sharing his love for wild places, an active lifestyle and wildlife photography, whether it is on the cold and wet tundra, at high altitude in the mountains or the extensive savannah plains, in dense tropical rainforest or bone dry deserts. He has years of outdoor experience in his backpack: extensive photo expeditions in some of the world’s most remote areas, several years as a safari guide and manager of remote luxury tented camps in east Africa, long unsupported trekking through vast wilderness. Jef is guiding international guests on mountain trekkings and nature tours throughout the world for different companies. He can be found guiding guests on trail running trips, dog-sledding tours, expedition trekkings through large mountain ranges, tundra, rainforest and deserts, snowshoe walking, x-country skiing and safaris. Throughout his work nature conservation is an important aspect. He is known to show his guests “the great dance of life”, because everything is interlinked in nature. Furthermore, Jef embraces the overwhelming effect that physical exercise has on us, modern men. As a former elite ultra-distance runner he knows exactly what it takes to push your own limits. Besides Jef is a scriptwriter for wildlife documentaries and author for different magazines.

Craziest adventure so far:
The memories to my latest expedition are still fresh and vivid; a 800 kilometer long husky expedition through the Sweden. With two eight-dogs sledge teams we travelled through the wildest Swedish mountains. The plan was to travel twice that distance, known as the Vita Bandet, but due to unfavorable snow conditions and hence injured dogs we had to quit halfway. Still it was an expedition in the true sense of the word. Another adventure that comes to mind is a solo self supported 180 kilometer trail run through the Moroccan desert that I made a few years ago. With just a few prints from Google Maps at hand to find my way through the endless sand dunes, bare mountains and rocky plains. Venturing into the world’s largest desert on your own is a life changing experience.

Bucket list:
I would love to cover the full length of Nepal on foot, trekking or running. I would love to cross Iceland north to south on foot. I would love to run the full length of the Swedish mountains, the so called Gröna Bandet. I would love to cover the Spanish Pyrenees on a mountainbike.

Why did you want to become a Haglöfs ambassador?
As a fulltime guide, working all over our beautiful globe I only want to use the best outdoor equipment available. And Haglöfs is just that; rugged, durable and stylish. Since 2013 I am a proud Friend of Haglöfs. The equipment has never let me down, even in the hardest conditions.

Favorite gear:
Hard to tell. There are so many different pieces of Haglöfs equipment that I use during different activities and there are so many different pieces of Haglöfs equipment that can be used during different activities. My Haglöfs L.I.M. jacket is always within reach, made from super light Gore-Tex and it protects me against the elements during high pulse activities. The L.I.M Down -1 sleeping bag is fantastic, it packs very small, is very light yet warm and comfy. On my latest winter expedition I used the Roc Nordic GTX Pro Jacket combined with the Nordic Mimic hood and the V Series Mimic Hood, a perfect trio for cold conditions.

Quote you live by:
Whatever outdoor dreams you have, make sure they are wild, crazy and off the beaten path.


Jeffry Oonk