Nordic activities

Where are you currently located?
Kimitoön, Finland


What is your main sport?
Skitouring, Climbing, Kayaking

Other key activities and hobbies? What you are doing when you have some down time?
Hiking and Mountainbiking.

Tell us about your background. A general overview for people on the site to get to know who you are and how you ended up where you are today.
Grew up as a kid on an island in the Finnish archipelago, where I did many different sports. Until I realized that snowboarding and adventures was my thing and what I wanted to do. Later I became a professional big mountain snowboarder and traveled around for 15 years. Getting older I slowly resaddled to guide and now running my own adventure guiding company and kayak rental named Nordic Activities & Solutions.

Craziest adventure or experience so far?
Most adventures are crazy in some way, I don't like to rank what is the most craziest. Some is just more dangerous than other. Most important is to live to ride another day.

Bucket list or dream trip?
Svalbard and Greenland would be nice to explore. The dream trips I will keep to myself until they are done.

Why did you want to become a Haglöfs ambassador?
Because I want to represent a brand who have high-quality, long-lasting equipment as well as high nature values.

Favorite Haglöfs gear?
Skrå backpack, I’m using it almost every day whole year round.

A quote you live by?
Live for riding, ride for living.