Haglöfs restored FAQ

What is Haglöfs Restored?

Haglöfs Restored is our collection of second hand gear for first hand adventures. At Haglöfs Restored we have brought together products that would otherwise have been discarded and have inspected, cleaned and restored them to get them ready for a new adventure with their next owner.

To shop the Haglöfs Restored collection and find out more about the whole process visit www.haglofsrestored.com

Here you will also find more detailed FAQs specifically related to Haglöfs Restored.

Where can I buy Haglöfs Restored products?

Haglöfs Restored products can be bought through www.haglofsrestored.com from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.
If you would like to see Haglöfs Restored expanded to your country let us know at support@haglofsrestored.com

I have a question about my Haglöfs Restored order what do I do?

You may be able to find an answer to your question on our Haglöfs Restored FAQs page.
Otherwise, we have a dedicated customer service team for Haglöfs Restored who will be happy to help. Please get in touch with them at support@haglofsrestored.com

I have old Haglöfs products which I no longer use, can I send them to you?

You can drop off old Haglöfs clothing at any of our brand or outlet stores in Sweden, Finland, or France. Find your nearest store here.
For hygiene purposes any product returned to Haglöfs must be clean - our staff may refuse to accept dirty items.