How we get down to business.

Down is nature’s innovation at its best. An outstanding insulation material with completely unique properties. But the down business is not without its problems, and the outdoor industry needs to stop using unethically produced down once and for all. We know it’s possible. Haglöfs only use down that is certified according to the Responsible Down Standard and that can be traced all the way back to the farm. Together with several other brands we fight for an outdoor industry that respects animal welfare.

Responsible Down Standard

Haglöfs only use down that is certified according to the Responsible Down Standard - is responsible for keeping a close eye on animal welfare in down-producing farms. The RDS is a voluntary initiative run by the global non-profit organisation Textile Exchange, whose main ambition is improved integrity and sustainability throughout the textile industry. The RDS ensures that the animals are not unduly stressed, and have access to food, water and can experience ‘the five freedoms’ throughout their lifespan and that the down is not sourced from farms where force-feeding or live plucking occurs. The down that we chose is of course always a by-product from the food industry; so we actually make use of what might otherwise go to waste.

Yearly audits of the Responsible Down Standards to secure standard is followed

To ensure compliance with the RDS standard and to secure the best-in-class ethical treatment of the animals and to secure that the final product labelled with the RDS logo indeed has the most ethical down inside; thorough checks are made throughout the whole supply chain. The whole sealed path of the RDS down – from farm to our warehouse – is thoroughly third-party audited by accredited certification body Control Union to really guarantee that the product you buy really contains the RDS down!

Trace the down in your own product

To offer you even more transparency in the supply chain, Haglöfs is working with a system where all information, product by product, is made traceable for end consumers online. Customers can visit the trackmydown website to trace the down right back to the farm. Once there, it is possible to retrieve heaps of information about the down in their own product - its origin and fill power, a detailed description of the process and how the RDS seeks to improve this section of the industry.

A sustainable outdoor industry.
It’s possible!