Sponsorship and Partnerships


Reaching the summit of a high mountain. Paddling the length of a whitewater river. Ski touring over untouched terrain, or trekking to a remote village in a country that you’re visiting for the first time.

At Haglöfs, we define adventure as an exciting and unusual experience. We understand that these begin when we explore unknown corners of the world and experience the sublime beauty of nature.

We support people who dedicate their lives to a particular activity. For your request to receive serious attention, we need a sponsorship package with supporting documentation. It can be sent to sponsoring@haglofs.se .

Good luck!



Our company is built on a strong value-driven foundation; we are reliable, curious and proud. Reliability means that you can rely on your Haglöfs gear to be durable, functional and sustainable. Curiosity comes from constantly evaluating ourselves to become even more innovative and relevant. And pride is about our true passion for everything we do – ensuring you look better, feel better and perform better with your Haglöfs gear. With this, our vision is as obvious and it is true: we want to inspire people to get out there.

As important as it is for us to be your partner in the outdoors, it is also important for us to partner up with other great companies and organizations– that will inspire you to get out there.