and our Roc Spirit jacket

We know what challenges await our mountain products, not only from many years of experience of developing hardwearing outdoor products, but also because our Haglöfs friends continuously put our products through the toughest tests here in Scandinavia, as well as during expeditions to the world’s most remote and challenging faces and summits.

The ROC Spirit jacket is one of our most versatile jackets in the mountain segment and simply put, it’s hardcore, for the hardcore mountaineers. This full-featured, four-season jacket features clean lines and ultimate durability yet it’s lightweight. It’s built with the new generation three-layer GORE-TEX ® Pro fabric, a 40D construction with enhanced durability and breathability. The fabric features are: extremely waterproof, durable and breathable.

Our Mountain Concept

The Roc Spirit jacket is made with the new generation Gore-Tex® Pro technology with enhanced breathability and durability, yet a lightweight 40D construction.

Our Mountain Concept

A series of backpacks fully featured for mountain sports and challenging conditions. Our mountaineering packs are durable, reliable and provide room for all the equipment you need.

Our Mountain Concept

Made for rocky environments where traction and durability are critical, our Mountain boots and shoes are the obvious choice for scrambling and easy climbing

Comment from THE DESIGN department

The aim in the design process for the Roc Spirit jacket was to make as durable a jacket as possible without compromising with light weight and clean design, which is crucial for products that will be used under demanding conditions on the mountain. We felt that we were on the right track to design a durable yet lightweight jacket when we found a lightweight 40 denier weave, laminated on the new Gore-Tex® Pro which also is very breathable.

Comment from THE PATTERN maker

When we were working with the pattern for the Roc Spirit jacket, we focused on two things: fit and minimalistic construction. A tight fit is important for the user to avoid bulk when wearing a harness or backpack. The minimalistic construction gave us a clean and light jacket with few seams and zippers, but without compromising with functionality and quality. We are very satisfied: The Roc Spirit is a jacket that is both functional and safe for the user on the mountain.

Comment from UIAGM Mountain guide Jørgen Aamot

Lightweight, functional and with a clean and classic design, just like a shell jacket should be. A very good jacket, like a “do it all” jacket, the Roc Spirit is the jacket I would choose for climbing, skiing and mountain trips. The Roc Spirit jacket will be a classic for many years to come.