The V series Raw Anorak – from the future. For tomorrow.


The V series from Haglöfs – cutting edge innovation since 1914

The V series is a concept showcasing Haglöfs' most technically advanced products with innovative design and extraordinary aesthetics.

From the future. For tomorrow.

With the V series Raw Anorak, we set the bar high, pushed the limits and aimed for the most futuristic, long-lasting and high-performance product ever made. The result is a spectrum of innovation and sustainability. This anorak is truly different from a traditional outdoor jacket, but still with all of the qualities you'd expect from a premium garment. Except for the color. The material has been left its original shade of white. Because by skipping the dyeing process we saved an incredible amount of water. It’s made from a recycled nylon fabric and held together by Vectran™, a fiber five times stronger than steel and normally found in the cables used in deep sea expeditions. Pretty amazing, not least when you realize that this will help the anorak last for decades.

The V series Raw Anorak is unisex