Ursus -9

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Ursus -9



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This sleeping bag will provide you with plenty of comfort and a good night's sleep. It's made for trekking: packed with an advanced blend of down clusters and synthetic fibres, creating an insulation material that has the resilience, sensation and warmth of down and the water resistance of a synthetic insulation. Ergonomic design and a range of technical features make it a worthwhile, affordable choice.

Weight: APPROX 1,70 KG (205 CM) APPROX 1,58 KG (190 CM) APPROX 1,45 KG (175 CM) (W/O STUFFBAG)

  • Mummy-shaped fit to maximise warmth and reduce weight
  • Box construction
  • Ergonomic footbox construction
  • Ergonomic hood with elastic adjustment for a snug, comfortable fit
  • Draft collar with elastic adjustment
  • ¾ side zip with anatomically-shaped curvature for easy reach and access
  • Left-side zipper placement
  • Draft tube inside zipper: prevents cold air from entering
  • Two way YKK zipper
  • Anti-snag tape to prevent zipper sliders from snagging the fabric
  • Internal pillow pocket
  • Internal pocket with zipper
  • Two hang loops
  • Four-way compression bag included
  • Storage bag included
  • Pack size in liters (uncompressed): 12L (175cm)
  • Pack size in liters (uncompressed): 14L (190cm)
  • Pack size in liters (uncompressed): 15L (205cm)
  • Comfort temperature -3°C
  • Limit temperature -9°C
  • Extreme temperature -27°C
  • Tested according to EN-13537 standard

Fabric & Care

Care Instructions
Washing instructions: Machine wash at 40 degrees. Always close zippers before machine washing. It is preferable to use down detergent (soap based) or a small amount – approx. 1/3 dose – of a mild liquid detergent. Do not use fabric softener. Run 3 to 5 extra rinse cycles after washing. For hand washing we recommend using a bathtub and many rinses. It is preferable to spin dry the product before tumble drying. Tumble dry on low heat setting together with tennis balls until the sleeping bag is completely dry; this may take several hours. Remove any lumps of down and fluff up the down by hand during and/or after tumble drying. Let the product air dry one or two days after tumble drying. If professionally dry-cleaned, make sure ‘water-wash’ is used (solvent-based dry-cleaning will harm the down) and that the sleeping bag is thoroughly dried after wash. Miscellaneous: Use sleeping bag sheets and a sleeping bag cover to protect the product from dirt. Feed the sleeping bag into the compression bag instead of rolling it. In order to keep the insulating qualities of your down sleeping bag in the best possible condition, it is better to air the product instead of washing it too often as the natural oils of the down (which contributes to lofting and natural water repelling capacity) gradually disappear with washing. When the sleeping bag is not used and for long-term storage, it is preferable to store it in its large storage bag or by hanging – not in a compression bag. If the down is compressed for a long while its insulating qualities will be impaired. Make sure the sleeping bag is thoroughly dry before storage to avoid the risk of mould.
Shell: 30D Polyamide
Lining: 50D Polyester
Insulation: FX Down, 70% Down, 30% Thermal TECH Fibre, 80% Down / 20% Feather, 600 CUIN fillpower. The mix of down clusters and synthetic fibers creates a fill that has the resiliency, feeling and warmth of down with the added water resistance and washability of a synthetic insulation.
Contains non-textile parts of animal origin


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