Guaranteed, By Nature

We take pride in making high-quality, high-performance products that keep up with your adventures. That's why we'll repair or replace your product if it fails due to a manufacturing or material defect.

Haglöfs products are Guaranteed, By Nature and come with a warranty against manufacturing and material defects for typical useful life of the product. We guarantee to the original owner that should your product, during normal use, fail due to a manufacturing defect then we will repair or replace it.

Wear and tear

The warranty does not cover wear and tear, nor damage caused by accidents. Neither does it cover damage caused by improper care, neglect, misuse, modifications, or the natural breakdown of colours, adhesives and materials over extended time and use.

We do understand that from time to time accidents happen so if you need assistance in arranging a repair or finding a spare part reach out to one of our stores or our customer service team who will be able to point you in the right direction.

Expected product lifetime

Our warranty covers the typical useful life of the product. The way products are used directly impacts the life of the product, and over time materials will deteriorate, colours will fade and moving parts will wear. When faults start to occur after extended use this would be classified as wear and tear.

Since the typical lifetime of a product can vary widely due to many different factors, it is difficult to specify a fixed number of years. Therefore, the lifetime of the product will be determined at the discretion of an authorized Haglöfs Customer Service representative, taking into account a number of factors including: the type of product, the age of the product, how it has been used and the type of issue involved.


We offer free repairs on your products if they are covered by our warranty, all we ask is that you bring the product to one of our stores or send the product to our customer service team for evaluation, we will then take care of the cost of repair and the return shipping.

Products will be assessed on a case by case basis and we commit to evaluating your product fairly. In order to make this assessment our customer service representatives may require additional information. If this information is not provided it may not be possible to process the claim.

It is not always possible to carry out a repair, in this case we will offer a replacement product of equivalent value. In every case the decision to repair, or replace, the product will be at the sole discretion of our customer service team.

Next steps

Get in touch as soon as you become aware of the issue, ensuring you have your proof of purchase at hand1 and that the product labels with the serial number have not been removed, altered or made illegible.

1. If you have bought your product in the last couple of years, then we recommend getting in touch in the first place with the retailer where you purchased your product (unless you are specifically looking for a repair, see below).

2. If the issue is related to the waterproof, windproof or breathability performance of a GORE-TEX product covered by the Guaranteed to Keep You Dry warranty then you also have to option of getting in touch directly with GORE-TEX customer service who are best positioned to evaluate these products.

3. If you purchased your product directly from Haglöfs or you would like to request a repair:

  • Come into a Haglöfs store where our staff can talk you through the options, or
  • Get in touch with our customer service team who will advise on the best course of action. In your communication please provide the following information as described on the care label:
  1. Product name, e.g. Selja Jacket
  2. 6-digit style ID number, e.g. 604371
  3. Description of the issue
  4. Pictures of the issue – one detailed picture and one picture of the whole product to help locate the issue
  5. Picture of the product label
  6. Proof of purchase
  7. The customer service team will generate a reference number and send you instructions by email on where to ship your product. Do not send in your product to Haglöfs before receiving the reference number.
  8. For hygiene reasons, and to ensure the best possible repair outcome, product sent to Haglöfs customer service or repair centres must be clean otherwise you will be charged for the cost to return or wash the product.

Note: This commercial warranty does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer, such as your right to the legal guarantee